Thursday, December 30, 2010

Naughty or Nice

    No knitting content here.  If that's what you are looking for, try tomorrow.  If you did not read yesterday's blog this will make very little sense, but read away.  Nonsense makes good reading.

     We celebrated Christmas yesterday.  As a non-Christian I am perfectly comfortable celebrating Christmas any old day.  July 4th would be fine with me.  But it was December 29.  Close enough.  My daughter and her boyfriend met my son and I half-way for each of us, in a smallish city in central New Hampshire.  We had a lovely lunch then decided to go somewhere to exchange gifts and chat.  Starbucks sounded nice.  We drove up there.  It wasn't particularly crowded, but....there were no free tables.  If you have ever been to a Starbucks you know what I mean.  Every double table was occupied by a single person with a computer, maybe a cup of coffee.  There were 2 tables for 4.  Each was occupied by a single person.  Well, one of those single people, quite honestly was large.  The nice me says he was large, the old Susan would say he was freakin' huge; as big as the 4 of us put together.  No s**t.  This guy was super-sized.  He needed a table for 4.  He also had a super-sized triple, caramel, mocha, grande macciato with about 3" of whipped cream.  The thing must have been 1200 calories.  The second table for 4 was occupied by a kid.  A college age boy who undoubtedly had been sitting there the entire winter break.  He was there because: a) he didn't want to be home with his family.  b) he thinks he might run into some friends from high school or c) he got stood up by someone he met on  He didn't even have a cup of coffee.  In fact he had a deck of cards, but he wasn't playing solitaire.  His only saving grace.
   The new Susan glowered at both of them with fiercely Mother/Librarian eyes.  I can think of a number of un-nice things I might have said, but my daughter, who is NOT a shrinking Violet said, quite loudly, " lets go somewhere else".  We went to the food court at the Mall.  Kinda like having Christmas dinner in the Junior High Cafeteria.  It smelled like food, and not in a good way.  There was no lovely coffee.  But we had a wonderful time, great gifts, and lots of free tables.
     My conundrum is this.  Nice people leave Starbucks, say nothing, and feel like crap because they had their family celebration in the Food Court at Steeplegate Mall.  Naughty people tell fat guys they should ditch the 1200 calorie Mocha, get a water bottle and go for a walk, maybe with the lonely kid.  And the naughty person feels like crap as well. Rightly so because she has caused the poor chubby guy to drop dead of a heart attack.   Who wins?  Just askin'

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