Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Intentions for the New Year

     Many bloggers do a "10 on Tuesday"... following a script of 10 things; beach reads, favorite movies, best knits, etc.  I have never bothered with this because I couldn't imagine having 10 of anything; favorite books, about 90, favorite movies, 1 or two and they change pretty often.  I am just not too good at lists.  New Year's resolutions... I don't bother.  Last year I believe I said I would read more books from the library, and I did, too.  Had way more overdue fines as a consequence, but I really need to support my local library, so it all worked out.  This week's 10 on Tuesday is "10 intentions for the New Year"  Well, offhand I can't think of 10, but I may just come up with a few.
  1.  Hang my laundry on the line.  I hang clothes outside all summer, but not usually in the winter.  I have a great clothesline in the cellar, left from my mother's days in this house, and I'm gonna use it, by golly.
  2. Read from my shelves.  I could read from my shelves 'til the day I die and never read all the books in this house, so I better get started.
  3. Knit my handspun.  I have started collecting patterns that I think are suitable for handspun, and it is time to get hoppin' on this project.  I have a handspun sweater half knit.  I'm going to frog it and make a different sweater.  I found a pattern that I think will be more flattering to the yarn and to me.
  4. Be nicer.  I have developed a tendency to just not be bothered with being nice to people who really annoy me.  I find it hard to be phony.  In fact I think it is particularly unbecoming to humans to  fake niceness, but I am going to give it a try.  Might be really hard.
  5. Make a bucket list.  I am over 60, on the downhill slide of life.  My sister died last year; many of my friends are sick or have passed away in recent years.  There are a few things that I would really like to do before I die.  Better get crackin'.  Last year I reconnected with my 3 freshman college roommates.  3 of us, but not the 4th, have had some really good times in the past year.  We arrived at college 43 years ago as fairly unlike 17 year olds, but as we have aged we are not so very different after all, though our lives have certainly followed diverse paths.  That sounds snarky.  Number 4 got married last year.  She was just not interested in the rest of us, but that's okay.  We wish her the best!
  6. Eat locally.  In 2010 we made a concerted effort to eat as much as possible from the local area.  We are lucky to live where it is possible to shop at co-ops and farmer's markets.  Agriculture is important in Vermont.  We have great dairy products, produce much of the year, local meat and poultry and grains are now being grown in Vermont, and of course we have great beer.  As a consequence of local,  especially local organic food, being more expensive, we eat less, but we eat better.
  7. Enough.  This is giving me a headache.

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  1. Your posts are always so funny and refreshing. I can just imagine you saying these things aloud. I'm so glad you're back!!! I told Colin to tell you that. But I bet he's already forgotten by now.