Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where's the wool?

   So, I am not very good at this blogging thing.  I promised I'd talk about yarn, knitting, spinning, weaving and all that jazz.  Well,  I have about 16 WIP's ( works in progress) and I'll mention a few.  I have 3 1/2 active knitting projects.  The semi-inactive project is almost finished, but hit a snag when the Boy was home.  He is what we cowgirls call a long drink o' water.  I'm not really much of a cowgirl, but I once lived in Colorado and simultaneously owned both a horse and cowboy boots.  That's enough to qualify in my mind. Anyhooo, I am knitting  an Alpaca light, maroon, V neck pullover for The Kid. He chose the pattern and the yarn.  He is 6'3" and weighs 143, and therein lies the problem.  This is NOT a standard size.  I am using a very basic V neck pattern, 38" chest,with orangutan arms.  I got it almost all done and he came home, tried it on, and it became obvious I had to add almost 3" to the armpit- shoulder length, and therefore alter the sleeve cap accordingly.  He won't be home again til Christmas so I shoved it in a bag and forgot about it.  I have three active projects, all kind of fun but nothing to brag about.  One is socks, I always have a pair of socks going.  This pair is for my Dearly Beloved.  They are cotton, Opal, I think in a drab grey- blue stripe, 68 stitches on a size zero.  They are endless and are taking for friggin' ever.  But I only knit on them when I am away from home.  They are travel, waiting room knittin' socks.  Then I have a wonderful silk merino scarf in a basketweave pattern, Luscious colors, totally untaxing knitting.  I only knit on that when I need total relaxation,  de-stress knitting.  I need another scarf  like a hole in the head and The Girl needs one even less.  Don't even think of my mother-in -law.  This is seriously lovely yarn.  Maybe I will send it to the Queen with a picture of my new corgi.  Last active project.  It is a beautiful yellow, silk cashmere cowl in a fairly simple lace pattern, Poinsettia by Anne Hanson.  The gauge is a bit funky, but I know it fits as I took it apart at one time when I screwed up the lace, and tried it on.  I got the yarn at School Products   in NYC when we went to visit Pratt last spring.  I think it will be a luxurious little thing to wear this winter.  It also shows some prospect of being completed fairly soon.
   I need to weave.  As I only have two looms I only have two projects.  One is a friggin' Scottish Tartan scarf.  It is a dismal yellow/brown/green thing that I hauled back from John C. Campbell in September.  I took the left over warp from a loom we  refused to weave on because the treadles were funky. I only need to finish it because I need to sell that loom. The other project, on my 36" Harrisville, is dish cloths, 6 of them in 2 patterns using the same warp.  One set of three is plaid, the other 3 are striped.  They should be fun but moderately tedious, but then I wouldn't know because I haven't even put my warping board together yet, so , like so many projects I haven't actually started this one yet.  Next week, really.
  The only really successful thing I have going is spinning.  I am spinning 11 3/4 oz. of merino silk, mosly light blue roving that I got at NH Sheep and Wool.  It is luscious, a joy to spin and is really a quick spin.  Of course it helps that my wheel is in front of the TV, and I am actually apt to sit and spin, like in a few minutes when Project Runway starts.  Gotta run.
  Pictures, you say, maybe tomorrow.

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