Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

       I am new to this blog thing.  It is my second day, and though I could think of a million things to say, I believe focus is important.  Something I lack, totally.  So I am following the formula of several blogs I read and using their structure.  Today's theme, girls, is Ten on Tuesday; things I want that I can't afford.
    1. To fund Health care.  Who said I need to be realistic.  I really truly would sleep better at night knowing that every man, woman and child in America has affordable access to good health care.
   2.  For The Kid to be able to finish his education, including endless graduate school, debt free.  We are talking about a boy who is brilliant, just a bit unfocused, and may need to do a bit of experimenting before he finds his niche in the world.  Have at it , kiddo. ( in your dreams, anyway)
   3.  For The Girl to have her college debt go away.  And now she can focus on graduate school as well, full time, without all those night shifts in the ICU.
   4. Good Health.  We are getting older, as I so often obsess about , and there is not enough money in the universe to keep us healthy.  But a girl can dream.
   5.  To visit most of the National Parks.  Yep, take a year off, buy a nice little RV and visit the  real beauties of America.  I've been to a few, the Grand Canyon, Arches, well, very few, and after spending last week with Ken Burns I feel that it is my civic duty to see more National Parks.
   6. I'd like a cleaning person.  Every week, faithfully.  Someone non-judgmental enough that I don't have to spend 10 solid hours the day before she comes just picking up.  Realistically I could afford this, but I don't work, and that New England Protestant guilt thing kicks in and it ain't gonna happen.
   7.  Okay, some Koigu Cashmere.  It's on sale this week, and another Martha cardigan would take 9 skeins.  I'd wear it, til the end of my life, promise.
   8.  Since we are so far over the top, I'll take a Toyota Highlander Hybrid.  My 7 year old Chevy Trailblazer is a wonderful, reliable, inefficient mode of transportation, and I'd like to do something besides composting to make The Earth happy.
   9. A new wheel,  a Jensen Ashley, already finished.  As much as I love my Majacraft Rose, I think  the Ashley is my dream machine.
   10.  World Peace, why not...

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