Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Year

     2011 looks to be a good year.  Last year was just fine, as years go, and I am hoping that all goes well this year.  I have some exciting knitting and spinning plans for 2011; classes to take, projects to complete and events to attend.  Maybe I will even keep my blog updated so whoever reads this can come back at me in December and remind me what I had planned!
    Classes to take...  At this time the only ones I have on my schedule are a three day Nancy Bush class at Northeast Fiber Arts in Williston VT which is happening in March and Squam Art Workshops in June.  I have long been a fan of Nancy Bush.  Because I love history, particularly textile history, she is my superstar.  I own all her books and have knit many of her patterns.  I particularly love her articles in Piecework Magazine. When I was at Knit Camp last summer I got to have breakfast with Nancy a few mornings, and we reminisced about our long phone calls when I was in Alaska and I called her for yarn and patterns, and well... conversation.  It was in the days before knitting was popular, and not too many people on the island where I lived actually knit. So I am pretty excited about those classes.  And in June I am going to Squam Art Workshops for the first time.  I have read about it in the past , but it is a kind of pricey event so I never really investigated too too seriously. This year I decided to just do it.  I actually visited the Rockywold/Deephaven Camps where Squam Art Camps is held last Fall when I was investigating locations for my daughter's wedding.  Although it was a perfect venue, our date was not available. I am taking three classes, and surprisingly, they are not all knitting classes.  I am taking Block Printing, The Perfect Sweater with Ysolda Teague and Botanical Printing.  I actually have a college degree in Printmaking, but haven't done anything with it in the past 40 years, so I guess it is time to plunge back into it!  In addition to these fun events I am looking into a class with Cookie A and Anne Hanson that will be held in Albany in February.  Since we are in the middle of a big blizzard I have not heard whether there is space available in that class.
     Projects to complete... I'm kinda screwed on this one.  My daughter is getting married in September (9-10-11) so I am knitting shawls, one for the bride, for which I am spinning 2000 yards of white silk/cashmere roving which is to become Nancy Bush's lily of the valley triangle shawl.  Then I am knitting 4 different rectangular lace-weight champagne colored shawls for the bridesmaids.  Screwed?  Yep, for certain.  No other knitting or spinning projects for me this year, at least until September 11!  If I do knit anything else it will be from my own handspun.  Progress so far:  I have spun about half of the silk/cashmere, plied none of it and I have chosen and received approval for all four bridesmaid's shawls, though I have only acquired yarn for one shawl so far.  For anyone who has ever knit for a bride, you know that is one serious obstacle overcome.
   Events... Well, I will undoubtedly attend fewer fiber events than last year. Or maybe not.  New Hampshire Sheep and Wool is a for sure even though the weather is apt to be miserable, and several of my favorite vendors no longer attend, I'll be there.  Maryland Sheep and Wool; that's a thought because my son now attends college in Maryland, but no, I don't think so. Massachusetts Sheep and Wool...for sure. Vermont Sheep and Wool, oh yea...  Last year was great, it's on my birthday, and the new location in Tunbridge, Vermont is wonderful.  Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival; yep, on the List.  Rhinebeck;  nope, not again.  New England Fiber Festival at the Big E in Springfield Mass.  I'll be there.
    2011.. looks like a very good year.  Now I better get back to that damn white roving.  At least it is a dream to spin.

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