Friday, January 1, 2010

Once in a Blue Moon

   So, that's about all I am managing to write lately.  I envisioned the Blue Moon of last night, the first New Year's Blue Moon since 1990 to be really auspicious; to be the harbinger of better times ahead, to be the end of war, global warming, religious intolerance, and narrowmindedness.  Sorry, wrong Universe.  Well, I am hopeful that better times really are on the way.
   Resolutions; why bother.  I have never really made resolutions. I guess the closest I got was a couple of years ago I did the "Year of knitting from your stash"  Since purchasing sock yarn was exempt , I survived the year, barely.  I may actually change the focus of my knitting this year and lean a bit toward larger projects, sweaters, a couple of vests, some felted projects.  Part of this is related to my wrist issues, and my desire to knit at a slightly larger gauge.  Of course part of it is everyone I know has enough socks, hats, gloves and scarfs to each clothe a small country, so small projects are somewhat undesireable.  My second focus has to be to knit more of my handspun. Now that I am learning to purchase, or to dye more fleece or roving, I have enough of each yarn to make things larger than fingerless gloves.  I have several bags of more than a pound of each batch of wool, so I guess I need to get on to those spinning/knitting projects. And Weaving.  Yikes, I dunno about that one.  I am  not a good weaver.  It is a bit fiddly, mathematical and easy to screw up for my taste.  I am going to sell one loom, for sure, and probably keep the Harrisville 36" and make an attempt to actually weave something that is not just, well, awful.
  Anything else, personal, social issues?  Will I loose 20 pounds, journal every day, cut back on beer and coffee, drive for Meals on Wheels, accept the 100 Mile Challenge and become a locavore.  I doubt it.  All good ideas, but realistically I seem to be barely able to keep my head above water following  what I have done the past few years.  Oh, I know I'll read more Library books and spend less money at Borders.  There , I feel better. Happy New Year!

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