Friday, December 4, 2009

Holey socks, batman

R.I.P. Favorite Socks
    I have been  knitting socks for a long time.  I may have knit socks when I was a kid, don't remember, but my mother certainly knit socks, and I still have one whole and one partial sock that she left in a drawer when she died.  I meant to finish it for my sister and I didn't.   Now my sister is gone, as well, and I am sorry that I am the WORLD's worst procrastinator.  Anyway,  Wednesday I wore my all time very favorite pair of socks.  They are made with yarn that I bought at the Dublin Country Store in Dublin, New Hampshire.  I love the colors, the yarn, the pattern , but most of all I love wearing the socks.  Don't ask why, I don't know.  They are just my favorite socks.  And now they have a gigundo hole in the heal.  Not darnable.  Worn out and good only to keep as a memory.  I used the rest of the skein to make a baby hat, which I still have, but my daughter has dibs on it, just in case she ever has a baby.  At least I have the memories.
  So where have I been?  Someplace exotic; someplace I needed my passport to visit; someplace they do not speak English.  Don't get excited.  We went to Montreal for our first ever child free Thanksgiving.  We were married on Thanksgiving, may, many moons ago, just so that we would have the day off.  But for the past 20 odd years we have just celebrated Thanksgiving.  This year we celebrated putting up with each other for all these years by going off on a Romantic Getaway.  And it wasn't half bad.  Montreal is a lovely city, with a fine metro system, and lots of cool galleries and fine restaurants.  We did not go to a hockey game, though I wanted to give it a go, but we did go to the Biodome, Insectarium and Botanical Gardens.  It was fun.  I was glad to get home.
  Stealth and not so stealth knitting.  The Herbivore went back on the needles, and is off again.  I made it 2" bigger all around, made more mistakes and blocked the heck out of it using blocking wires, thereby accentuating all the mistakes.  I like it better.  I got buttons for the basketweave scarf, and actually sewed them on!!  Miracles cease...  I finished half of each stealth project, even took them to Montreal.  Forgot the charted pattern for one and ran out of yarn on the other.
  And spinning.  I have spun up a storm.  Just now finished some lovely roving that I got at Brattleboro Fiber Festival a couple of weekends ago.  Really yummy and necessary as I need to make a baby sweater for Riva's teacher.  Probably before she figures out that Riva, though 8 years old, has never been to school before.  Maybe I can blame it on the fact that she comes from Texas. ( Riva is a corgi, in case you are worried.  She started school last week.)

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