Monday, November 2, 2009

My knitting mojo

   So, my knitting mojo seems to have got up and went.  I have made more mistakes in the past week than almost any other time in my 50 plus years of knitting.  Worse yet, I haven't ripped, tossed, or given up.  That is pretty unlike me.  Do I care, well, yea I do, but in the case of the stuff I am knitting I guess it doesn't really matter.  I am over the hump on the endless socks; turned the heel on the second sock.  At that point in a pair of socks I am at the finish line.  I fit the first sock to the recipient, in this case  my dearly beloved, who has a whole friggin' drawer full of handknit socks.  He is now a yarn snob.  He wants cotton, with a bit of nylon, very firmly knit.  Both the men in my family have these gigundo feet which means I need to find a skein of sock yarn that has at least 450 yards for me to get a sock with a nice long leg and a long enough foot. Or else I have to buy 2 skeins, or make the toes some strange color.
   Next time I am going to try out some Regia sport weight sock yarn on size 2 .5 or 3mm needles.  They will be good winter socks, nice and cushy and very pretty colors.  I got the yarn at Sakonnet Purls when I was on vacation last summer in Rhode Island.  The day we go to Tiverton is always the highlight of our week in Rhode Island.
   My other projects are pure crap.  The Herbivore scarf for the kid has a big mistake in the middle.  He's 19, he won't notice.  Only I will see it immediately and I don't go to college in Ohio.  To give him credit, last year I knit him both flip mitten/gloves and the Jarred Flood striped Noro silk scarf and he actually wore them and DID NOT LOOSE THEM.  Wonder of wonders.  I am not even talking about the sweater, the maroon Alpaca lite catastrophe.  Maybe tomorrow.  Quite honestly I do not know where it is, in some bag upstairs, probably the bag the cat is sleeping in.
   My phone mojo has also been on the fritz.  We don't get a lot of calls now that we have no kids at home.  But on Thursday afternoon we got about 20 calls.  We have one phone, a stationary phone in the kitchen.  So if I am anwhere else I have to sprint to get the phone.  It was a busy afternoon and I was batting about .300 in the phone answering department.  So Friday we went to Best Buy to buy a new "phone/ answering machine system".  Now my dearly beloved is not one to  read consumer reports, on-line forums and consult with friends.  He goes in, picks the first item that looks likely to do approximately what he wants it to do and off we go.  This is diametrically opposed the the hours we used to spend at the video store reading every word on the outside of every box.  It was a whole evening experience, and I would always fall asleep before the previews where over.  ( Now we have Netflix and he can take as long as he wants)  So, we get the phones (four of em) and set them to charge, overnight.  Then we take the manual out of the box.  I am guessing that it would be easier to program the Space Shuttle than to figure out how to get the damn answer machine to work.  However, we now have 4 phones spread around the house and barn, so when I actually decide to answer the phone I don't need to sound like I have just completed the Boston Marathon.

  I'll end with some kitty cuteness.  I lost the picture of Soot in the dog bed on the dining room table that was supposed to be in my last post( no, we don't eat in the dining room, only Christmas and Thanksgiving) so here it is.  But now the whole kitty herd is sleeping in the dog bed, sometimes all together.  Cute, but maybe I should reinforce the leg of the table.The two snuggle kitties are Tiddles and Nosey.  These are our bi-coastal cats who moved with us from Colorado( 1996) to Alaska and to Vermont in 2002.  They are 16 and 20 and they just keep on chuggin'!!

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